We are a Miami-based production powerhouse!

We exist to inspire and empower people through thought-provoking filmmaking.

Our philosophy is simple; story first.

We create stories that inspire people and build strong brand connections.

Filmmaking is the most powerful art form which has the ability to connect with people on a deep emotional level, that’s why we hand craft every shot with your story in mind. The greatest films are simply well told stories. 


We love what we do. Being artistic and collaborative is essential, but so is just listening. Before we pick up a camera and microphone, we make sure we've really heard your goals and that we truly understand your needs.


We begin with discussing your end goals, whether it's generating more business, increasing web traffic, educating an audience or raising money for a good cause. From there, we align our full suite of services and creative professionals to produce vivid video, crisp sound, colorful motion graphics, sharp editing, key message development and creative scripting. No matter how tight the deadline or how big the challenge, we always remember to tell your story the way you intend to tell it.

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